Is one particular type more compatible with another?

“Understanding is the key to having compatible, fulfilling relationships—this includes both understanding others and yourself.”

-The Enneagram Institute

I know you’re all thinking it. Now that you know your own ‘type’ you are curious as to which number your life-long partner will be. What number would create the best, most healthy relationship? Which other type will work best with me– in my family life, friendships, and workplace environment? There’s good and bad news… the Enneagram does not specifically name the type that is most compatible to you. Everyone has different values in the way they live their life, and people want different things out of a relationship. However, that is not to say that a quiet observer (5) would not be with an outgoing asserter (8). They could very well enjoy a long life together. In fact, relationships work best when your companion supports you in your weaknesses and even compliments them with their own personality. Perhaps you struggle with autonomy, like an 8, while you’re spouse battles with seeking intimacy, as many 2’s do. This friendship could result in a lovely union, since both people add to the other. Another quality about the Enneagram is that it provides insightful thoughts on likely conflicts between various types. This is the link that goes more indepth about type compatibility. Unfortunately, this part of the field–as in relationship correlations– is not fully developed.

Here I provided a link that delves into the topic more. You may pick different combinations of pairings and the website provides positive and negative issues that might arise in that relationship.


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