Instinctual Subtypes

Okay, so you might be thinking, Stacy and I are such different people…How in the world are we the same type/number? Well, let me tell you–that is a superb question to ask. Each of the specific nine numbers have three certain subtypes, totaling in twenty-seven variations. These are influenced by the three basic instincts demonstrated during day-to-day life. Continue on below…

SELF PRESERVATION—focused on improving their personal security and physical comfort.

They greatly concern themselves with the basic needs of life. These essentials include money, food, shelter, health, safety, and comfort. An unhealthy self-preservationist might consume themselves with strict dietary requirements, or completely abandon important hygienic routines. However, a self preservationist that is balanced consciously thinks of these necessities but does not overboard on them. They preoccupy themselves with the means of survival.


SOCIAL—focused on interacting with others for the purpose of building their own personal value, their sense of achievements, and their security of “order” or “hierarchy” with others.

These people are more likely to participate in a variety of activities and clubs. And that is what they base their sense of value on. They desire more attention than self-preservationists and also long for honor and appreciation. They would like to be informed on what is occurring around them and contribute to the event. Even though they interact with many people, they usually avoid intimacy.


ONE-ON-ONE—focused on obtaining intense, intimate interactions with others and wish for surroundings that provide them a powerful sense of being alive.

This subtype can also be called sexual. This is because they crave intimacy with others. This ‘sexual charge’ can be given to them through an exciting movie or a fabulous conversation. On accident, they might neglect pressing obligations due to their lust for affection and being in the moment. This could possibly result in a lack of focus, as well.


I recently researched more of this information and found a detailed account that breaks down each of the 27 types… from a Self-Preservation Perfectionist to a Social Peace Keeper, so on and so forth. The website I discovered it on was,, which is also the home of the Ennegram. Check it out! And have a beautiful day!




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