What Is The Enneagram?

Welcome to my blog and happy day to you! This blog is about the enneagram which is an influential instrument that introduces self-awareness and a new understanding of people’s emotions to each and every participant. By depicting all nine personality types and their different dynamics, a course has been made clear to a more integrated and satisfying life style. Each type is unique and special in their own way; meaning people think, feel, and act differently due to their own distinctive inner motivations. Obviously. Yet, ‘the enneagram isn’t simply a tool to inform; it is meant to transform’ (Palmer). To do so the enneagram believes there is a particular path to integration. This corridor includes your own spiritual, psychological, and somatic journey . These three ways encourage humans to increase their capacity to receptivity and also loosen their type patterns. Helen Palmer, a well-known teacher of the institute, believes that each person demonstrates the patterns of a certain ‘number.’ Nevertheless, they do not need to be defined as the ‘number.’ A person never wants to become frozen in their type and stick to their customary habits. The reason being is that sometimes humanity just does what they are comfortable with, which occasionally denies healthier, more joyful relationships. Here is a list of the nine distinct personas…

Each 'types' area of awareness.

Each ‘types’ area of awareness.

THE INSTINCTUAL CENTER-BODY. This group’s focal point is to take charge; they feel more comfortable when they are in control themselves.
8-The PROTECTOR-they believe in power & control.
9-The MEDIATOR-they believe in feeling comfortable & settled.
1-The PERFECTIONIST-they believe in being correct.

THE EMOTIONAL CENTER-HEART. This group’s main focus is success and quality relationships with loved ones. They desire to perform up to highest standards set by their surrounding environment and others.
2-The GIVER-they believe in helping others.
3-The ACHIEVER-they believe in success.
4-The ROMANTIC- they believe that they are special. (I exhibit the trends of a 4)

THE INTELLECTUAL CENTER- HEAD. This group concentrates on creating certainty and safety in their surroundings. They perform rational thinking and gathering of information before acting.
5-The OBSERVER-they believe in knowledge.
6-The LOYAL SKEPTIC-they believe in loyalty.
7-The EPICURE-the believe in adventure.

**Within all of the personality types, there are smaller subgroups. Including the self-preservationist, the one-on-one, and the socialite** (I am the one-on-one.)

How each 'type' acts at a party...

How each ‘type’ acts at a party…

How each 'type' acts at a business meeting...

How each ‘type’ acts at a business meeting…

I think that the enneagram allows humanity to genuinely embrace their individuality. So often people, teenagers in general, conform to society because they suppose that others will judge their real identity. Thankfully, the enneagram eases the process of accepting yourself, your loved ones, & other acquaintances. I was enlightened by this new mindset through my mother, who is familiar with the ideals. Actually, we attended a conference addressing the enneagram called Inner Work for Outer Change. It was an 8 hour long day full of meditation, fresh food, and a unique myriad of people. Everyone that I met was lovely, each and every person certainly had their own character. They were distinct individuals. They knew what they liked. They knew who they were and this drew me in. Of course the people had quarks and such, yet they embraced each flaw. Helen Palmer, the main instructor of the event, was also the author of the first book I read on the topic. The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others In Your Life was the other resource that I used to further my education on the subject.


However, in no means am I complete with my research. I look forward to the upcoming months, especially over winter break, to cuddle up on a cozy couch with a cup of hot cocoa and encompass myself in my next book.



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